common bad habits

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But I got 2 bad habits

Song and Artist
2 Bad Habits by Angie Stone

Most people have more than two bad habits. Angie must be rounding down.

When I originally planned this post, I was going to write about Angie’s poor spending practices (Got the bill. Collectors actin’ funny more month than the money). How that imprudence impacts your financial future blah, blah, blah. Instead, I mused about mankind’s undesirable activities. Ashamed? Not Angie. She seems to relish her bad habits.

Habits are defined as behaviors that are repeated frequently and automatically because they have become hardwired into our brains. A bad habit is caused primarily by stress or boredom. According to the best-selling book The Power of Habit, three factors play a part: cue, routine and reward.

habit loop

I’ve compiled a list of common bad habits from several sources. Do you see yourself? I’m all up and through this collection.

common bad habits

There is a previous lyric experiment that highlights self-sabotage in all off its glory.

Habits are associated with experiences or events. On the less serious, but highly lucrative side, marketers research your routine to persuade you to purchase products. Think of a parent and a child in a grocery store. The colorful, sugary, cartoon-emblazoned cereal is placed on low shelves to attract the youngster’s attention. The child begs and the cereal is in the shopping cart.

However, on the I-need-to-get-my-life-together end of the spectrum, unwise practices can be detrimental to your health. A study featured in the Journal of the American Medical Association found, “Unhealthy behaviors…can explain almost three-fourths of the higher death rate among people of lower socioeconomic standing.”

Since 92 percent of us are trying to break bad habits (shout out to my survey respondents), how do we change? Dr. Art Markman, author and cognitive science expert, states there are five steps:

  1. Define bad habit and commit to change
  2. Disrupt the habit
  3. Create habit diary
  4. Replace bad habit with smart habit
  5. Reward yourself

An overwhelming 72 percent of people self-profess to having at least three bad habits.

bad habits survey resultsAngie claims to engage in only a couple of unfavorable behaviors. Based on her song, I count about eight. Clearly, she omitted one—lying. 😀

What kind of bad habits do you have? What have you done to change your ways? Let me know in the comments below.



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