Trying to get a line in the bathroom

Song & Artist
We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus

There are a small amount of people trying to get a line in the bathroom.

The line in the bathroom is certainly not referring to people doing the potty dance. Since Miley’s camp will neither confirm nor deny the meaning of the lyric, we are going with the likely culprit–angel dust, nose candy, blow, cocaine.

Miley must be singing to her fans around the globe. For a long time, citizens of North America have had the cocaine game on lock by consuming a ginormous amount; more than the rest of the world combined. A funny thing has happened in the last few years. According to the United Nations World Drug Report, cocaine use has declined 40 percent in the U.S. Cocaine is quickly becoming the drug of choice in just about every other part of the planet.

Another theory about that line in the bathroom is that Miley is shouting out Molly, also known by its government name:  3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine (MDMA). MDMA has been around for nearly 100 years and most people ingest it in tablet or capsule form. Hard to do a line if you’ve already popped it in your mouth.

With 9 out of 10 baby changing stations containing traces of cocaine, clearly plenty of people are snorting cocaine. They’re getting a line in the bathroom; just in the bathrooms of other countries.


The purpose of lyricfancy is to mix humor with facts to discuss music. This article is in no way a personal judgment about the artist. We believe in creative expression.

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