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The crowd mills about the auditorium of Baltimore’s historic Hippodrome Theatre. Gunshots ring out. There’s a man in a blood-soaked shirt. Welcome to the opening scene of The Bodyguard: The Musical.

This production is based on the movie The Bodyguard starring Whitney Houston, with one distinct difference—it incorporates tunes from throughout her career. Music clearly takes center stage in the theatrical version.

Grammy-nominated singer and actress Deborah Cox plays stalked pop star, Rachel Marron, who needs protection from a former Secret Service agent. I restrain myself from singing hits such as How Will I Know, So Emotional and All at Once when I hear their opening chords.

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It seems Deborah was destined to play this role. Deborah and Whitney’s professional careers have a lot of parallels. Both artists were signed to record deals by mogul Clive Davis. The pair teamed up for the track, Same Song, Different Cast in 2000. Deborah provided the vocals for Lifetime’s Whitney biopic. Both held Billboard records for longest running singles (at the time). Deborah’s Nobody’s Supposed to be Here spent 14 weeks at number one on the Hot R&B chart. The remake of I Will Always Love You topped the Hot 100 list for 14 weeks. In a 2014 interview Deborah credits the late songstress,

The musical aligns closely to the film with modern touches. Rachel’s publicist obsesses over likes and retweets. Rachel (using the name Paula) sings I Have Nothing at a karaoke night, patrons realize it’s the pop star and selfies ensue. As in the movie, sister Nicki and son Fletcher are constants.

You feel like Deborah Cox is slightly under-singing throughout the show to maintain her voice. I count 18 songs or medleys, not to mention she has dialogue in nearly every scene. I can’t imagine the training and caring her voice requires with a demanding schedule. Of course, Deborah nails the closing number, confetti is thrown and a dance party breaks out in the theater.

If you’re a fan of Whitney Houston, Deborah Cox or both (*raises hand*), you should see The Bodyguard: The Musical.

The Bodyguard US Tour Trailer Featuring Deborah Cox

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