Diamond Clarity Scale

Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted before Future and Ciara’s breakup.

My diamonds ain’t got flaws, I’m just honest

Song & Artist
Honest by Future

Flawless diamonds are exceedingly rare.  The song might not be completely honest.

Mixtape veteran, songwriter and hip hop artist Future is ballin’ out of control. With 100,000 on watches and gold all on his neck, his money is long. But diamonds without flaws are extremely hard to come by.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the organization that invented the standard by which gemstones are graded, categorizes a flawless diamond as a diamond that does not have any internal or external marks under 10x magnification. Most diamonds fall in the middle of the GIA Clarity Scale. It is estimated that of all the diamonds mined only 0.001% will produce D flawless finished stones.

Diamond Clarity Scale


Future’s neck is definitely bling-ier thanks to celebrity jeweler Avianne & Co that created custom pieces including his Freebandz pendant. Let’s be clear, that ginormous 15-carat engagement ring on Grammy-winning singer Ciara’s finger is flawless.

While Future may have tons of ice in his collection, all of the diamonds are probably not technically-by-definition flawless.



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