So what had happened was…

I was very fortunate to be interviewed by the multi-talented Cindy Rodriguez of The Fierce Entrepreneur, a business podcast to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs. I prepared by conducting a quick Google search on lyricfancy (to see what Cindy would find about the blog), listened to previous The Fierce Entrepreneur episodes, and drafted talking points so I wouldn’t stray too far off topic.

mic instructions

I’ve had a mic sitting in a box for months. Decided to use it for the podcast.

lyricfancy is finally ranking higher than "the lyrics to fancy."

lyricfancy is finally ranking higher than “the lyrics to fancy.”

desk with computer and notes

Ready. Set. Record.












Cindy and I chat about lyricfancy’s beginnings, priorities for the blog, and my why. There are even some philosophical moments captured. After you hear the 15-minute podcast, please like, share, comment. If you’re a woman entrepreneur, contact Cindy about appearing in an episode. Take a listen.

lyricfancy uses music as a conduit to humorously discuss human nature.

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