What Becomes of the Cool KIds

I wish that I could be like the cool kids, ‘cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in.

Song & Artist
Cool Kids by Echosmith

The kids that are too cool for school become just as popular adults.

Family unit Echosmith echoes the feelings of adolescent angst. Popular teens seem to have it all. Even at a high school reunion, we’re anxious to see if the prom queen or football captain is still perfect (or we secretly want them not to be). Is coolness short-lived or does it carry over into adulthood?What does cool look like? What is that thing? That Je ne sais quoi . For the purposes of this post, cool equates to popular. In her book, The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, Alexandra Robbins explains that popularity is composed of three elements: visibility, recognizability and influence. Only 2 percent of the high school population falls into this category. What Becomes of the Cool KIds Big cities and small towns are chock full of youth aspiring to achieve peer acceptance through pseudomature behavior—ranging from minor delinquency to precocious romantic involvement. The earlier kids engage in undesirable activities such as seeking attractive friends, breaking the rules, etc., the more likely they will have issues as adults. According to the journal, Child Development, Mean Girls (and guys) have a 40 percent higher chance of drug and alcohol problems.

Difficulties with close relationships, working menial jobs, I could go on… Fret not, just because your senior superlatives didn’t include best dressed, doesn’t mean the future isn’t brimming with millions of likes and followers. Feast your eyes upon these self-professed uncoolers: famous people that were not cool in schoolConclusion:
School popularity does not equal adult prosperity. Instead of being thirsty for adolescent adoration, focus on simply being yourself; it’s not the end of the world (even though our 14-year-old mind thinks so). It might actually be a harbinger of profitable businesses, amazing record sales, groundbreaking inventions or most importantly, becoming a productive member of society.

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