Taylor Swift Empty Store Shelves

Bare store shelves, things disappearing from the Internet, cryptic messages in public places, massive crowds in Times Square hypnotized by a beatific creature. What could be causing all this mayhem? No, it’s not a zombie apocalypse. It’s the Taylor Takeover! In the last week-ish we’ve seen CDs fly off shelves, digital copies hastily removed from Spotify, a concert on Good Morning America and lyric love notes left on Instagram. Taylor Swift’s latest can’t-get-the-songs-out-of your head offering, 1989, sold nearly 1.3 million copies in its first week (her third consecutive album to do so). In celebration of all things Taylor, lyricfancy takes a look back at our very first lyric experiment.

Taylor Swift Empty Store Shelves

This is what happens when you don’t get to Target on the first day of the Taylor Takeover!


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The purpose of lyricfancy is to mix humor with facts to discuss music. This article is in no way a personal judgment about the artist. We believe in creative expression.

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