Who is Corr Kendricks? The hip-hop artist wants you to know he’s real.

The Chicago native has been making his mark on mixtapes, freestyles and singles. His talent has propelled him to the Apollo Theater, Sway in the Morning, and the role of Black Rambo on the colossal television hit, Empire. Corr is full of energy as we talk about music, life and motivation.

“I want people to know I’m a regular guy. I’m a father. Most people can relate to the real in music.” Writing since he was 11 years old, Corr channeled his pain into a journal as a way to cope with a tough upbringing. Those thoughts turned into poetry, ultimately becoming lyrics.

After putting in work in the studio and filming several videos, he’s ready to drop an EP. The first expected releases include the smoothed out Demeanor and Trapped. I ask Corr, “What’s up with the one-word track titles—Why, Lord, Conscious?” With a chuckle he responds, “You’re the only person who has brought that up. The titles show another side of me.” When you listen to his music, the simple song names often represent profound life experiences. For example, Lord is his prayer to God.

Empire allowed him to showcase his acting chops. Corr relishes the challenge of pushing his artistry, but music is the priority.

As our conversation comes to a close, I inquire, “What’s on your playlist?” His answer may surprise some.

Corr Kendricks' Playlist

Corr Kendricks’ Playlist

Who is Corr Kendricks?  A man with a story to tell. Learn more at CorrKendricks.com.


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